“It’s different when I come to see it in person.” The atmosphere of the Korea-Japan match that Edmund also felt, the promise to win the confrontation with his colleagues [Oh!Ssen Gocheok]

World Baseball Classic (WBC) Tommy Edman (28), who is representing Korea, was looking forward to a confrontation with his teammate Lars Nuthba (26), who is representing Japan.

Edmund, who entered Korea on the 1st, participated in the WBC national team training held at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 2nd and teamed up with his teammates for the first time. In an interview after training, “I was a little confused while meeting many players and coaches. However, he spent time adapting through practice, and he thought that he had many good players and good teammates. I think he will be able to show a good figure in the future,” he said of his training impressions.

Edmon is a player who is active as the main infielder in St. Louis, where Kim Gwang-hyun played. In his last season, he had a .725 OPS with 13 home runs, 57 RBIs, 95 runs scored and 32 stolen bases in 153 games with a .스포츠토토

In St. Louis, there are many players competing in the WBC. Among them, Nutba competed as a member of the Japanese national team and had a face-to-face match with Edmon in the Korea-Japan match to be held on the 10th. Nutba is a second-year outfielder who debuted in the major leagues in 2021. Last season, he played an active role in 108 games with a batting average of .228 (66 hits in 290), 14 homers, 40 RBIs, and an OPS of .788.

Edmund, who met his teammates during the Korea-Japan match, also shared a tresh talk with Nutba. Edman laughed, saying, “I didn’t say anything very special. We talked a lot about that part. When he came to the Korean national team in person, he felt a different atmosphere of rivalry compared to when he saw them from the outside. Now, I will prepare well so that I can produce good results.”

In an interview at the airport on the 1st, Edmund said, “I was fully aware of the rivalry between Korea and Japan while deciding to participate in the competition. If you look at the previous WBC tournaments, the Korea-Japan match became a big issue. I know the importance of the Korea-Japan match, so if I meet Japan at the Tokyo Dome this time, I think I will be able to understand the meaning and play the game.”

Baseball fans are very interested in the outcome of the confrontation between the young hitters of St. Louis who met in the fateful rival Korea-Japan match.

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