“It’s different from other Kim”… The reason Ha-seong Kim decided to change the name notation

 Kim Ha-seong (San Diego Padres) changed the name notation on the back of his uniform. It contains the desire to be remembered as ‘Kim Ha-seong’, not another Korean player.

On the 20th, the San Diego Union Tribune, a local newspaper, reported the news of Ha-sung Kim through an article titled ‘Differentiation of Ha-seong Kim’.카지노

The media said, ‘There have been 26 Korean major leaguers so far. Among them, there are Kim Byung-hyun, Kim Hyun-soo, Kim Gwang-hyun, and Kim Seon-woo,” he said, “Kim Ha-seong chose to differentiate. We decided to change the name on the back of the uniform from ‘Kim’ to ‘HSKim’.”

Regarding this, Kim Ha-sung explained, “There are many Koreans with the surname Kim. There are many in the big leagues.”

As Kim Ha-seong said, the Korean national team participating in the 5th World Baseball Classic (WBC), which will be held in March, has 9 ‘Kim’, including coaches and players.

It is the third year of the major league season. Last year, as Fernando Tatis Jr., who was considered a ‘flawless’, was suspended from business for taking a banned substance, he showed off a sense of stability by digesting shortstop for a full season. In terms of defense, he is recognized as one of the best in the major leagues.

Last winter, Kim Ha-seong went through a lot of heartache. Trade rumors have been raised several times, and as the team acquires Xander Bogarts, there is a high possibility of a position change to second baseman.

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