Is there only Wembanyama… Henderson’s courtship began

NBA (National Basketball Association) clubs are trying to get Scoot Henderson (19).

According to news reporter Chris Haines of Bleacher Report on the 18th, the Houston Rockets plan to move up the nomination list to acquire Henderson.

Houston took the tanking route all season to get a first pick or top-three pick, but was called up fourth pick in the 2023 draft lottery draw. Manager Ime Udoka’s despondency on the field represented the Houston team’s mood.

Accordingly, Houston is looking to upgrade the fourth pick to the second pick in 2023, hoping for Henderson to be paired with Jaylen Green. Green and Henderson are predicted to show good breathing as they have explosive athletic ability in common. Therefore, Houston’s plan is to develop the two players into both offense and defense guards under the guidance of defensive expert coach Udoka.

Meanwhile, the Portland Trail Blazers, who had the 3rd pick in the 2023 draft, were also in trouble.

Portland says they can trade the third pick in the draft, but they plan to use the pick if they can pick Henderson.

Previously, Portland’s먹튀검증 superstar Damian Lillard was known to have requested roster reinforcement from the front desk to get out of the slump that had continued over the past two seasons.

In response, Henderson said he would not mind playing in Charlotte, Portland or Houston, although he was confident he could still be picked first. In particular, he said, “I can play with Lillard because I don’t need to own the ball,” and “I want to make the team I was selected into an empire for my family.”

As such, Henderson, who is a strong candidate for the 2nd pick in the 2023 draft following Victor Wembanyama, the ‘talent of the century’, is also catching the attention of NBA clubs.

Meanwhile, with Wembanyama almost certain to join the San Antonio Spurs, attention is focused on which team Henderson will wear on the field after draft day.

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