Irving seeks 4-year, $200 million contract extension with Brooklyn

It has been reported that Kyrie Irving (30) wants a contract extension with the Brooklyn Nets (Brooklyn).

On the morning of the 26th (hereafter Korean time), reporter Chris Haynes of the media Bleacher Report announced that “Irving is aiming for a long-term extension contract.” 메이저사이트

Haynes told Irving’s agent about her relationship with Brooklyn, saying, “We haven’t had any major conversations so far. What we want is to stay in Brooklyn on the right type of extension. This means that if their wishes are the same, there is a ball to communicate on the Brooklyn court.”

Irving remained in Brooklyn through opt-in (continuing the contract) this offseason, but will become a free agent (free agent) at the end of the 22-23 season as an expiring contract. Irving is eligible for an extension of up to four years and an amount of approximately $200 million (246.8 billion won).

Then, Brooklyn fans are showing conflicting reactions to Irving.

First of all, there were opinions that viewed Irving positively and wished he signed a contract with him soon. They insist that Irving be left on the team in order to maintain good relations with Durant.

Some expressed a negative view of Irving. Irving said, “I will renew my contract here next summer” in Boston during the 2018-19 season, but the following year he signed a free agent contract with Brooklyn and left Boston. As a result, they think badly of Irving’s past moves.

More than anything, I don’t think it’s good that Irving brings these words out at the point where the trade deadline is near.

Meanwhile, Irving returned to Brooklyn in late November after receiving an eight-game suspension for sharing a documentary with anti-Semitic messages on his social media account.

Irving, who returned, played 35 games this season and played an average of 36.9 minutes, recording 26.7 points, 5.1 rebounds and 5 assists, a 48.5% field goal success rate (20.5 attempts), a 37% 3-point success rate (3.2 attempts), and a 90.2% free throw success rate (4.1 attempts). in progress

Thanks to these performances, Irving became the most fan-voted player among Eastern Conference guards. As a result, he is on the verge of making his 8th All-Star appearance.

In addition, Brooklyn, led by Irving, finished fourth in the East with a record of 29-14 (0.630). Therefore, it is highly likely that Irving’s future move will depend on the performance he shows in the playoffs.

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