‘If you meet, you’ll get into a fight’ Who is the older sister that 196cm Yelena ran to and acted super cute?

‘If you meet, you’ll fight’ Before the game, Yelena of Heungkuk Life Insurance and Nia Reed of Pepper Savings Bank affectionately held hands and had a good time asking each other how they were doing.

Pepper Savings Bank, which had been mired in a 12-game losing streak without even winning a single match since the opening, arrived at Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon on the 10th. Pepper Savings Bank, who lost a set score 3-1 against Heungkuk Life Insurance in Gwangju on the 7th, sweated hard trying to escape the season’s first win and losing streak. 스포츠토토

3 p.m. Pepper Savings Bank players, who were in the middle of preparing for training, ran to Heungkuk Life Insurance seniors as they entered the court and greeted them happily. At this time, Yelena of Heungkuk Life Insurance hopped like a rabbit and approached Pepper Nia Reed.

Yelena, who is 196cm tall and has tremendous power, overwhelms opponent blockers with hot spikes and power on the court, and Pepperia Reed also greeted her sister with a smile.

Both Yelena from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Nia Reid from the US seemed to know each other well as foreign players living in other places.

In a short time of less than 5 minutes, Yelena, a second-year V-League, was playing tricks on her older sister, Nia Reed, who was playing her first season. At this time, when the Pepper Savings Bank players called out to Nia Reid, saying it was training time, Yelena gestured to her to hurry up, slap her on the back of her hand.

Yelena also quickly ran to the Heungkuk Life Insurance camp, sat on her coat, and fired love bullets at the Pepper Savings Bank camp, showing off her aegyo.

Meanwhile, Pepper Savings Bank lost to Heungkuk Life Insurance by a set score of 1-3 and fell into the pit of 13 consecutive losses.

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