“I threw it comfortably” Siyeol Yoon, a veteran of Incheon Metropolitan City Corporation, sinks Doosan with the final goal

Incheon Metropolitan City Corporation, preoccupying the first round of the champ at the end of the game throw

“If it was a losing situation when I couldn’t put it in, it would have been a burden, but (if I put it in, it was a winning situation) I think I was able to throw it comfortably.”

Men’s handball Incheon Metropolitan City Corporation defeated Doosan after a close match that went all the way to the game and took advantage of the victory. Veteran Yoon Si-yeol (39) took charge of the last goal in the match-up and took a period.

Incheon City Corporation, second in the regular league, beat Doosan, who ranked first, 31-30 in the first leg of the 2022-2023 season SK Handball Korea League championship match (best-of-3) held at SK Handball Stadium in Songpa-gu, Seoul on the 5th.

Incheon City Corporation, which was inferior to Doosan in the regular season with 1 win, 1 draw and 2 losses, put strong pressure on Doosan from the first half. The two teams ended the first half 11-11 with repeated come-from-behind and reversal. In the first half, Doosan’s 10-8 lead at one point was only the largest score gap, and the bloody battle continued.

A similar pattern continued in the second half. In the second half, Incheon City Corporation led by 20-18, the largest gap.

The time when there were about two minutes left until the end of regular time. In a tight match 26-26, Ha Min-ho (31) of Incheon Metropolitan City Corporation scored a 9m goal and took the lead. However, Chung Eui-gyeong (38) immediately responded and the balance was 27-27, and the goalkeepers of both teams blocked each shot, and the game entered a game toss. In the first and second rounds of the men’s handball championship decision, a 7m match throw will be held immediately in the event of a draw after regular time.

With three players standing in front of the 7m goal line, both teams missed one, making it 29-29. Kang Jeon-gu (33) of Doosan immediately threw a shot, but goalkeeper Lee Chang-woo (40) of Incheon Metropolitan City Corporation blocked it.Afterwards, Kim Rak-chan (25) of Incheon Metropolitan City Corporation raised먹튀검증 the atmosphere with a successful shot, and Yoon Si-yeol lightly cut the net and drove a wedge. Yoon Si-yeol was selected as the game’s MVP (Most Valuable Player) by solving the team’s highest score of 7 goals (3 assists) along with the winning goal that day.Incheon Metropolitan City Corporation, which took the first game, ignited the fire of hope for the championship. Incheon Metropolitan City Corporation went through playoffs in the previous handball leagues and climbed to the championship match twice (2017 season and 2020-2021 season). However, everyone has painful memories of kneeling at Doosan. Last season, he bowed his head to the SK Hawks in the playoffs. Doosan is an ‘absolute strong’ who has won the championship for 7 consecutive seasons since 2015.“I thought it would not be an easy game,” said Gang-wook Jeong, head coach of Incheon Metropolitan City Corporation. Doosan has always been a team at the top. Even if we were ahead of the game, there was something that collapsed because of the goalkeeper (of the mighty Doosan). Today, it was good to overcome that point,” he said. “The players were able to win by throwing with confidence in the game throw. I will make up for what I lacked during my break tomorrow and come back.”

Yoon Si-yeol said, “During the regular league, around January, I was injured in the calf muscle, so I couldn’t play much. He didn’t show it, but (it didn’t help the team) he suffered a lot,” he said. Even if my calf muscles are not 100% yet, I will run with the mindset of 100%.” He continued, “I will recover well from today and play a game where I can confirm the championship in the second game on the 7th. I know that the team that placed second (in the regular league) has never won a championship, but we will change that record.”

Incheon Urban Corporation will play the second match against Doosan at the same place on the 7th.

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