“I just couldn’t do it”…a different Lee “I’m growing up”

Lee Se-hee, 26, is back on the regular tour after a stint on the Dream Tour, and this time she’s looking to secure a full seed.

Lee finished tied for 33rd at the Daewoo Women’s MBN Women’s Open, which concluded last week, with a final total of 4-under par 212. It was her second straight solid finish after a tie for 21st at the two-day McCall-Monayong Pyeong Open.토토사이트

She missed three straight cuts from the Celltrion Queens Masters in June to the BC Card-Hankyung Ladies Cup. The first crisis to hit her this season. Desperate to rejoin the regular tour and secure her seeding, Lee could have been shaken, but she managed to get through it.

“I think the biggest thing that helped me was changing my shot,” Lee said, “I had a draw shot, but I switched to a fade. Before, I would fall into the penalty area and my tee shots were shaky. After missing the cut in three tournaments in a row, I was convinced to change it because I thought, ‘I can’t do this anymore’.”

Lee, who studies under pro Changjun Park, who also teaches Minji Park, Ji-Eun Seo and Jae-Kyung Lee, made the change after some discussion and it’s paying off. “It’s easier to navigate the course and my shots have improved a lot since I’m playing with the left side blocked off,” she said, adding, “My swing speed has increased and my distance has actually increased because I’m swinging more confidently thanks to the change in composition.”

Lee has been playing on the Dream Tour since 2017. After a series of ups and downs, including being disqualified for a scorecard mistake at the Wangjung Wang, she finally made it to the regular tour in 2022. However, his joy was short-lived. He was unseeded at No. 71 on the money list and had to play on the Dream Tour last year.

“I was only thinking about getting back on the regular tour. “I thought about why I couldn’t keep my seeding on the Regular Tour, and I tried to fill in a lot of gaps. In 2021, I had no management, so I didn’t have a lot of help, and I had to figure things out on my own, and I had to get a caddie every week. Now, I have a very good management team, and my caddie brother and I have been together for a year, so we have a lot of chemistry. I feel much more relaxed than I did two years ago.”

During the training camp in the United States, he was unable to hit many shots because he was not feeling well. “So I focused on my short game and putting. Park Chang-joon is a short game specialist, so I practiced a lot in the training camp and it helped me a lot on the regular tour.”

He is having a smoother season on the regular tour than he did two years ago. With one tournament left in the first half of the year, Lee is 68th on the money list. She needs to finish in the top 60 to secure a full seeding.

“I’m still not satisfied with my results, but I’m confident that I’m getting better, so I’m having fun. Hopefully the second half of the year will be better, but I’m hoping for a lot of top-10s. I’d also like to win a championship.”

“I always seem to grow a little bit. I was better last year than I was two years ago, and I’m better this year than I was last year. I feel like I’m growing a lot. I wasn’t a good player to begin with, but I hope people will see that I’m getting better and better.”

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