“I don’t want to be a half player” Kang Yoo-rim, who is not satisfied with the present

Kang Yoo-rim contributed to Samsung Life’s victory.

Yongin Samsung Life Bloomings won 74-61 in a match against Busan BNK Some in the 3rd round of the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 Women’s Professional Basketball regular league held at Yongin Gymnasium on the 14th.

Samsung Life Insurance won a complete victory with various players active evenly. Kang Yoo-rim (10 points, 7 rebounds) also contributed to the team’s victory by scoring double-digit points. This is the first win against BNK this season.

Kang Yu-rim said, “I thought it was a game that I had to win today, as I had suffered two defeats against BNK before. Everyone worked hard on the bad days and played with the ball as precious, so a good result came out.”

Kang Yoo-rim, who is showing remarkable growth this season, is recording an average of 14.2 points. However, Kang Yoo-rim is not satisfied here.

Kang Yoo-rim said, “Because the opponent is trying to block my shot, I am practicing defending and taking it out. I’m trying to do a mid-range jumper or cut-in. And basically, I think of defense and rebounding first.” 메이저놀이터

He added, “I am confident in my shot, so I go up without hesitation. Because the shot goes well, other things seem to work out well.”

After step-up, the number of fans supporting Kang Yoo-rim also increased noticeably.

Kang Yoo-rim said, “It seems that there are a lot of messages of support before and after the game, and there are many fans who wait after the game. I feel grateful because I do not think that such support is natural. I work hard. The support of the fans is a great motivation.”

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