I don’t even have money to pay the transfer fee… Barcelona considering ‘Munich key midfielder’ as Busquets replacement

With Sergio Busquets confirmed to leave Barcelona after this season, news emerged that Barcelona are targeting Bayern Munich’s key midfielder as his replacement.

Barcelona announced on its official website on the 10th (Korean time) that “Busquets will leave Barcelona after the season,” and announced a breakup with the one-club man who had been active only in Barcelona for 15 years.

Busquets chose to leave his long-time club because of a beautiful finish with Barcelona and an offer to re-contract with a reduced wage.

With Busquets’ departure, Barcelona has gained financial leeway by reducing the salary of the players, but the problem is that his vacancy may cause difficulties in midfield management.

Despite being judged to have fallen off significantly this season, Busquets started and played an active part in 26 league games. Frankie Deyong, Pedri, Frank Kessie, and Pablo Torre are included in the midfield line, but it is difficult to replace Busquets’ presence at once.

After all, Barcelona are looking for a replacement for Busquets despite their financial problems, and the name of a top-notch먹튀검증 midfielder unexpectedly appeared on the list.

Spanish media Sport reported on the 19th that “Barcelona is considering Joshua Kimmich as a real option.”

Kimmich is one of the best Bundesliga players who moved to Munich in 2015 and has been active in Munich so far. He has also played as a right-back in the past, but has fully established himself as a defensive midfielder since joining Munich.

He performed outstandingly in one ball, and was evaluated as having all the capabilities required for the position, such as his positioning, wide activity, active pressure, and ball distribution ability.

Pep Guardiola, who led the heyday of Barcelona football, proved his skills by perfectly melting into tactics even when he was in charge of Munich, so Barcelona seems to have planned to replace Busquets with Kimmich.

Sport said: “Barcelona are already working on the formation of the squad for next season and are studying a possible contract for Kimmich.”

“The club is seriously considering Kimmich as he would be the perfect replacement for Busquets’ departure. The club said, ‘His move is complicated, but not impossible’,” said Barca. He explained that he was in the process of preparing the method.

However, it is unclear whether Barcelona will really be able to pay the transfer fee for Kimmich that Munich will demand.

Sport said: “Kimmich is one of the best players in the team as well as in the world. That’s why Munich won’t let him go easily. We are working on an option to include players to create.”

Attention is focusing on whether Barcelona, ​​which is preparing for a completely new era after parting with Busquets, will be able to make a successful start by signing Kimmich.

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