“I am proud to play with a helmet with the national flag engraved on it”

■ Korean-American NFL Quarterback Head

“Respect My Mother, My Roots”

Donation to victims of mass shootings

National Football League (NFL) Korean star quarterback Kyler Murray (26, Arizona Cardinals) emphasized that he is “proud of the national flag.”

The Taegeukgi and the Stars and Stripes engraved on the helmet used by Kyler Murray. AP Newsis, Arizona Cardinals Club Social Media먹튀검증

According to USA Today on the 18th (Korean time), Murray said on the Arizona club’s social media, “I am proud to play the game wearing a helmet with the Korean flag engraved on it,” and “I respect my mother and my roots.” The helmet on the head has the Taegeukgi and the Stars and Stripes. Murray’s maternal grandmother is Korean.

In the United States, it is known that since March 2020, more than 11,000 incidents of racial hatred targeting Asians have occurred. “(Racial) hatred is simply incomprehensible,” said Murray.

Murray recently donated $15,000 (about 20 million won) to a 6-year-old child whose family member was killed in a shooting at a mall in Allen, Texas. The child lost all of his family, including his parents and his 3-year-old brother, in a shooting on the 6th. Murray also donated $10,000 (13.33 million won) to the victims of the shooting.

Murray grew up in Allen, where the mass shooting took place. Murray said, “Firearms are disgusting now. I mourn and continue to help those who have died as a result of the mass shooting.”

Murray is a sports genius who played football and baseball at the same time until college. For the first time ever, he was selected in the first round of the NFL and Major League Baseball (MLB) rookie draft, and he chose the NFL in 2019. Head is 178 cm tall and weighs 88 kg, so he is small in the NFL, but he overcame the limitations of his physical condition with his excellent judgment and quickness. Murray’s annual salary is 4th in the NFL, and in July of last year, he renewed his contract for up to 230.5 million dollars (307.7 billion won) for 5 years.

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