I am like Prafar”… Kim Yoo-jung, Women’s World Cup referee challenge for the first time in 12 years

You may remember Prafar, the female referee who broke through the glass ceiling for the first time in 92 years at the Qatar World Cup.

Kim Yoo-jeong, a Korean referee who dreams of becoming a prapar, challenges to referee the Australia-New Zealand Women’s World Cup this summer for the first time in 12 years as a Korean referee.

Reporter Kim Ki-beom met. 토토사이트


There is a reason referee Kim Yu-jeong practices whistle blowing during her winter training.

[Soundbite] Kim Yu-jeong/International Referee : “Because the players judge me by this (whistle), be strong and moderate. In the case of penalty kicks, beep beep!!!! Normal fouls are just beep?”

] The season is a sweating time for referees. [ Soundbite

] Kim Yu-jeong/Referee : “When our stamina is low, we lose our concentration, so we must not miss important moments or miss judgments, so we must have the stamina to digest the full 90 minutes and remain.”

I retired due to an injury in college, but I really wanted to play in the WK League, so I stood at the women’s soccer ground as a referee.

Last year she was named the WK League referee of the year, and she also blew the men’s soccer fourth division whistle.

This summer, she was nominated as a referee for the FIFA Women’s World Cup in which the Korean national team will compete, and if she is selected, she is the third all-time behind Lim Eun-joo and Cha Seong-mi.

The ultimate goal of Referee Kim, who is steadily taking steps, is to break the glass ceiling and become Korea’s Phra Parr.

[Kim Yoo-jung: “Watching Prapar, I felt that we could do it too. We felt that it was okay for us female referees to do it, and I thought that a structure would be prepared to compete equally with male referees.”]