Hungary abandons European Figure Skating Championships due to ‘economic difficulties’

Hungary gave up the right to host the먹튀검증 European Figure Skating Championships, which were scheduled to be held in January next year.

Foreign media such as the Associated Press reported on the 11th (local time) that the Hungarian Skating Federation announced a statement giving up the right to host the event.

The Hungarian Skating Federation cited the deterioration of its economy following the war in Ukraine as the reason for giving up the event. The Hungarian Confederation said: “Continued warfare by neighboring countries has taken a toll on the economy and energy prices.” “These issues have a huge impact on skating events. There is not enough money to hold the event,” he added.

The Figure Skating European Championships, held in January, were held in Finland. Hungary became the host of the next tournament, but gave up the tournament due to financial problems such as financial difficulties.

The ISU decided to find a new host country and announced that they would be accepting applications for the event until the 26th.

Meanwhile, Hungary will host the 5th International Skating Union (ISU) Figure Skating Junior Grand Prix in Budapest on September 27th. The 2023-2024 ISU Figure Skating Junior Grand Prix will be held in Thailand (1st), Austria (2nd), Turkey (3rd), Japan (4th), Hungary (5th), Poland (6th) and Armenia (7th).

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