“How many drinks did you have?” Manchester United GK’s embarrassing mistake, criticism exploded

Manchester United, led by coach Eric Ten Hagh, won 3-1 in the 2022-2023 season England Football Association (FA) Cup Round of 64 against Everton held at Old Trafford in Manchester, England on the 7th (hereinafter Korean time). With this victory, 안전놀이터 Man Utd recently won 7 consecutive victories in the official game, starting with the Carabao Cup against Aston Villa in November last year.

There were also embarrassing scenes. It was the 13th minute when Manchester United were leading 1-0. De Gea’s embarrassing mistake came out. Everton Neil Moffe’s cross went between De Gea’s legs. Corner Cody connected this to a goal in front of the gate.

British media Daily Star reported on the 7th that ‘Roy Keane from Manchester United accused De Gea of ​​making an embarrassing mistake’. “I think he had a few drinks. It was like the goalkeeper had been sent off,” Keane said. Former Arsenal player Lee Dixon said: “I can’t believe what I saw. De Gea had an absolute nightmare. He wasn’t sure where the ball was going. What did he do there? He’s probably the best goalkeeper to save with his feet. But in that case, you have to use your hands.”

According to the media’s report, fans responded with ’embarrassed’, ‘I have nothing to say’, and ‘De Gea always makes mistakes’.