Height was a weakness, but this year there are 4 centers? ‘Height’ added to Dongguk University’s speed

Dongguk University freshmen are permeating Dongguk University’s fast basketball. The existing Dongguk University has risen to a height with fast speed.

Last season, Dongguk University’s concern was always ‘height inferior’. Dongguk University ranked 8th in the rebound league (39.1) in the regular league last season. Dongguk University coach Lee Ho-geun also often mentioned ‘height inferiority’, and one of the reasons for pursuing fast basketball was one of the ways to overcome this inferiority. In fact, Dongguk University enjoyed the joy of advancing to the playoffs last season by finishing 6th in the regular league through fast basketball.

Dongguk University, which had both fun and results through fast basketball last season, and Eugene, who is over 190cm tall, has entered the professional league ahead of this season. Due to the low height, Eugene’s departure could have been fatal, but fortunately, he made sure to reinforce the height during freshman recruiting.

Woo Seong-hee from Busan Jungang High School and Kim Myeong-jin from Whimoon High School join together as beings like a thousand forces behind Dongguk University. Both players are 200 cm tall, approaching the height of Lee Dae-kyun (22, 201 cm), who was the tallest in the team.

As back line resources increase this season, Dongguk University is solving the game through various back line combinations at the beginning of the season. Lee Dae-gyun, Ji Yong-hyeon, Woo Seong-hee, and Kim Myung-jin are playing in various combinations depending on the situation. With the addition of freshmen, Lee Dae-gyun, who spent a lot of time last season, can now stay on the bench a little more comfortably.

The effect of their joining is already showing up positively for Dongguk University. In the first game of the season against Sungkyunkwan University on the 15th, Dongguk University won (76-73) with a superiority in supply (39-37)먹튀검증. Woo Seong-hee recorded 12 points and 8 rebounds in 27 minutes and 9 seconds from the opening game, and Lee Dae-gyun put in a winning shot to confirm victory.

On the 20th, they lost their home game against Konkuk University (71-72), but they didn’t lose much in rebounding (36-40) against Konkuk University’s bottom-of-the-goal resources, which Freddy and Choi Seung-bin held out. Konkuk University is a team that is high enough to rank first in rebounds (47) last season.

Even in the game against Konkuk University, Dongguk University used various back line combinations. When Lee Dae-gyun and Ji Yong-hyun came together, they collaborated on big-to-big plays several times, and Woo Sung-hee also scored 12 points, including two 3-pointers, and did not cover the inside and outside. He also showed that the front line and 2-on-2 play were not smooth, but he had only played the second game of the college league. The fact that there are big men who run next to Lee Dae-gyun, the ‘running big man’, is a great strength for Dongguk University.

What do the big men who play in the game feel different from last season? Ji Yong-hyun said, “Once a new big man came in, the height was definitely reinforced. There are more big men than other teams, so it is good for stamina, and if there are a lot of fouls, it is possible to substitute another player,” he explained the improvement.

Woo Seong-hee, who is adapting to Dongguk University’s fast basketball, said, “Actually, it was difficult to adapt (to fast basketball). The coach also tells me to run the most (laughs). Still, he feels he’s getting used to it little by little. My goal is to come to love running more,” he said, hoping for further development.

Dongguk University, where height was a weakness, is expected to increase the size of Dongguk University’s blast if height is added to the existing fast basketball.

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