Hanwha next… The cold reality of the all-time ‘star corps’… Young blood of the future national team?

 The 2023 WBC final list of 30 announced on the 4th. The only team left out was the Hanwha Eagles. Not a single representative was produced. 스포츠토토

It deserves it. Bottom team for 3 years in a row. Even young people such as Jeong Eun-won and Roh Si-hwan, who were growing up as representative players, suffered delays. That is why the dark period has been prolonged.

Even more shocking is the traditional Samsung Lions. Only Won Tae-in was selected for the national team.

It was a foreseeable result. On the 50-person interest list announced on November 18 last year, Samsung listed at least two names out of 10 clubs. It was Won Tae-in and Oh Jae-il.

Three members of Hanwha, including Moon Dong-ju, Kim Bum-soo and Noh Si-hwan, rose. More than Samsung.

When making the final list, all three Hanwha players were eliminated. At least one person from Samsung survived and escaped shame. First baseman Oh Jae-il, who was likely to be selected for the national team, was pushed back by Park Byeong-ho and Choi Ji-man.

I almost couldn’t produce even one person like Hanwha. Thanks to the selection of more pitchers due to the limited number of pitches in the tournament, the boarding room has widened.

It was a bit of a shame for the all-time star corps Samsung. Whether in the heyday or in the dark, at least multiple Samsung players have been on the national team in all previous WBCs. In that respect, this announcement is shocking.