For the first time ever in Division 2… ‘Single’ who won the NBA dunk king

In the NBA All-Star Game Dunk Contest, for the first time ever, a 2nd division player became the dunk king and drew attention.

The main character is Mac McClung, who only appeared in two NBA games.스포츠토토

As a player belonging to the second division, the G League, he participated in the NBA dunk contest for the first time and soared brilliantly from the first round of the preliminary round.

Jump over the person on the wooden horse, catch the ball, backboard, and reverse dunk! Scored out of 50.

McClung continued his stunt-like dunk show in the finals.

The 188 cm tall player made a back dunk following two double clutches with tremendous jumping power.

He completed one and a half laps, a 540-degree reverse dunk, and earned another perfect score.

It’s been 27 years since a white man became the NBA All-Star Game dunk king, and it’s the first time as a G-League player.

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