Expanding the crackdown on false advertisements at academies, which was limited to Seoul, nationwide

This is the news about private education expenses. As a result of the JTBC coverage, it was found that the government decided to expand the online crackdown on false advertising and exaggeration of academies, which had only been done in Seoul . It is one of the measures to reduce private education expenses following the decision to exclude killer questions from the CSAT.

This is Reporter Yang-Jin Bae.


The hit rate of the killer question is the highest. It is 10 times faster than large academies. This is a promotional phrase for an academy in Daechi-dong.

Another academy professes prior learning for more than 3 years.

All of these are advertisements that are illegal with exaggerated phrases.

The online school reviews are similar먹튀검증.

They claim that their grades went up significantly thanks to the academy, but there is no evidence.

Last year alone in Seoul, 112 private education companies were caught peddling such lies and hype online.

It is understood that the government has decided to expand the crackdown on false and exaggerated online advertising by private education companies nationwide.

A high-ranking government official told JTBC , “It is one of the measures to reduce private education expenses following the exclusion of killer questions.”

Since last year, the Seoul Office of Education has been conducting online monitoring for false and exaggerated advertisements by private education companies with the Korea Internet Advertising Foundation.

It is said that this will be expanded to all 17 provincial and provincial offices of education to launch a full-scale crackdown.

After the government’s policy of ‘excluding killer questions outside the curriculum’The private education industry, such as ‘one other instructor’, is in an atmosphere of opposition.

A high-ranking government official explained, “Hakwon schools are turned upside down because they are blocked from making money.”

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