“Drogba was really watching!”… The admiration of ‘the second drogbar’

 who is called ‘the second Didier Drogba’, admired. It was because the drogbar was actually watching him.

Osimen, who has recently emerged as the best striker in Italy’s Serie A, is being evaluated as ‘the second Didier Drogba’. Drogba is regarded as one of the greatest strikers in Chelsea history.

In particular, AS Roma coach Jose Mourinho, who personally coached Drogba during his Chelsea days, also acknowledged the ‘second Drogba’. Mourinho recently revealed that Osimen and Drogba are similar strikers after playing against Napoli.

Napoli won 2-0 against Empoli on the 26th in the 24th round of Serie A. Osimen’s scoring never stopped. Osimen scored the team’s second goal and was responsible for the win.

Napoli continued to lead the league with 65 points, and Osimen topped the score list with 19 goals.

After defeating Empoli, Osimen had a special experience. It is because the idol, Drogba, praised Osimen’s performance through social media.스포츠토토

In response, Osimen admired, “I’m a soccer player who grew up admiring Drogba’s performance. It’s amazing that Drogba sent such a message of encouragement. I’m really surprised, and it motivates me a lot.”

He continued, “I have a smile on my face because I’ve talked to Drogba a lot. I love what he has done, his performance. And thank you for trusting me. My idol chose me.

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