Do you regret throwing away clothes you don’t wear? Should have worn well 

5 fashion prejudices from the past time ( https :// /24cmy). The reason prejudice that interferes with fashion is bad is because the mind that pursues fashion has to find the right way, but having prejudice makes it difficult to find the right way. If the method is wrong, the answer will be wrong, and when the wrong answers accumulate, it becomes a huge vicious circle.

Therefore, someone must step up and break prejudice, otherwise it will grow like a snowball and no one will be able to touch it. The bigger the prejudice the public has, the more difficult it is to break that prejudice due to fashion inertia. However, the clothes coach has an obligation to break that prejudice! Let’s look at the other five. 1. Is it because of OO

that I can’t wear clothes ?

In order to wear clothes well, you need to know the elements you have. And as there is no perfect human being, it is our life to live with the most satisfactory results with our lacking, lacking, and undesirable selves. The same goes for clothes. My body is like this, my face is like this, my arms are long, my thighs are thick. Pointing out these various causes is like making excuses with a vague belief that ‘it will change if you lose weight’.

I think I’ll be happy ‘if I have a lot of money’, but people who are happy when they have a lot of money are those who know happiness now. People who dress well are those who find their strengths and live by making the most of them. If you can’t find the strengths yourself, it’s also a way to ask for help from someone who can find and reveal the strengths.

2. Should a sense of style be innate?

What does it mean to be innate? Having a special sense since childhood? DNA inherited from parents ? I think creating a sense is interest and practice. If you are born with senses, you must have grown up in an environment where you have no choice but to be interested in them from a young age. Just as we only see good things when we look at other people’s Instagram, the reason why celebrities seem to be well-dressed is because we can’t see the time and energy to think about what kind of clothes they are wearing.

Therefore, if someone does something well, there is clearly a counter-contributing factor behind it to do it well. Geniuses hate the word ‘genius’. Because there is no word that makes their efforts and energy disappear in an instant like the word genius. Some are good at cooking, some are good at assembling furniture. There must be a temperamental influence, but if there is no interest, there is a limit to doing well.

3. Will you regret it if you empty the clothes you don’t wear?

One of the worries of people who can’t empty their clothes is the fear of regret. We live similar lives 365 days a year, unless there is something special going on. And there are clothes that can be almost replaced unless it is a special clothes. What is the probability that you will find clothes that you haven’t worn in a year if you empty them? And if you could measure the regret you felt when you found out you didn’t have the clothes by weight or size, how much would it be?

If you compare the stress you get from not emptying and the feeling of regret after emptying, which one is greater? There are too many people living with unproven and unprovable fears and stresses in their lives. If it’s clothes you’re going to regret that much, it’s right not to empty them in the first place, but if it’s clothes you’re going to regret that much, you think that you should wear them on a regular basis.

4. The completion of fashion is the face?

Shuss (short for superstar stylist) Han Hye-yeon once styled Jeon Hyun-moo in <I Live Alone>. It was more difficult than she thought to style Jeon Hyun-moo, while styling mostly male actors. The contrast between Han Hye-yeon’s anguished expression and Jeon Hyun-moo’s attire gave a laugh of the past.

Who is the most handsome person these days? Let’s bring Park Bo-gum. What kind of clothes would it be okay to put on Park Bo-gum? There is a high probability that Park Bo-gum, who has a boyish image, will not suit clothes with rough and wild designs먹튀검증. If you think of wearing studded boots or a leather jacket, would it go well with Park Bo-gum? Everyone has a design that suits their image.

But since models have a wide range of coverage, this or that outfit looks good on them, and the smaller the width, the fewer clothes that suit them. Therefore, the saying that the more handsome you are, the more you can cover up with your face even if your clothes are not good enough, I think it completes the sentence ‘the completion of fashion is the face’. Real dressmakers never use that word.

5. Is there a separate way to dress according to your age?

This sentence needs to be changed a bit. It is said that there is a separate dress appropriate to the age (expected by society). These days, individual opinions are becoming more and more important, but our society still values ​​the opinions of groups and herds. Age-appropriate attire can also be seen as what society expects, so when we reach 40 or 50, we stick to our calm, neat, and adult-like attire. This is because they are not free from the gaze of others.

Then, when I go on an overseas trip, I try a bolder style that I couldn’t wear in Korea. It’s because I don’t care how old I am abroad, and the clothes that society expects (because I’m a tourist) are even weaker. Therefore, there is no clothing suitable for one’s age, there is only ‘what I expect at that age and what society expects me to look like’.

If the sync between what I expect at that age and what society expects of me is similar, there will be no problem, and if there is a slight difference between the two, I just have to decide where to fit in. Expressing yourself in the way society expects if the center of gravity is in the social gaze, and in the way I expect if the center of gravity is in my satisfaction. I think the coolness of people in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s is created that way.

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