Djokovic opens doors to Australia, but US remains ‘uninvited’

Novak Djokovic (35, Serbia, No. 5 in the world), who has not been vaccinated against the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19), has opened the door to Australia, but has not yet received an invitation from the United States.

Foreign media including Reuters reported on the 5th (Korean time) that the US government has decided to extend quarantine regulations to block the spread of Corona 19 until April 10th. As the standards for allowing foreigners to enter the country due to the quarantine against Corona 19 were not relaxed, it became difficult for Djokovic, who was not vaccinated, to participate in the US Men’s Professional Tennis (ATP) competition.

On March 6, the BNP Paribas Open, called the ‘5th Grand 스포츠토토 Slam’, will be held in Indian Wells, California, USA. Also on the 20th, the Miami Open will be held in Miami, Florida.

The two tournaments are the Masters 1000 Series, the second highest rating after the Grand Slam tournament. Last year, Djokovic was unable to compete in this competition due to the issue of not being vaccinated against Corona 19.

In the summer of last year, the Australian government eased the entry standards for foreigners in accordance with COVID-19 quarantine regulations. Djokovic was able to participate in the Australian Open held this month, but was unable to participate in the ATP Tour in the United States this spring.