Didn’t you throw two in a row properly? It’s XX lean”… ‘Hugs are hot, direct words are cold’

On the 14th (Korean time), 스포츠토토 Kiwoom players sweated while pitching in the bullpen at the ‘2023 Spring Camp’ held at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick in Arizona, USA.

On this day, a special guest came to the spring camp. Former major leaguer Park Chan-ho came to support coach Hong Won-ki, his ‘best friend’.

Park Chan-ho watched Kiwoom pitchers live pitching that day. He caught up with the players one by one and gave them advice on both the technical and psychological aspects.

Among them, he invested a lot of time in Jang Jae-young. Park Chan-ho, who saw Jang Jae-young pitching in the bullpen, greeted him with a hug and talked a lot.

Park Chan-ho, who was watching Jang Jae-young’s bullpen pitching closely, was also seen taking a video of Jang Jae-young’s pitching. On this day, Jang Jae-young threw over 100 balls with 50% power.

Park Chan-ho, who had been watching Jang Jae-young’s pitching for a while, said in a strong tone, “It’s not the goal for the catcher to shout nice! The catcher didn’t go in exactly with the mitt he demanded, don’t play baseball!”

Then he said, “It’s just a mitt bang! It’s not all about going in and feeling good. During a game, that’s a home run. Haven’t you ever thrown two balls in a row with the mitt that the catcher requires? XX Lin”.

To Jang Jae-young, a 150km fireball player, it was a direct statement that hit the bone like a fastball. According to Jang Jae-young, Chan-ho Park talked about the shift from the lower body to the upper body and the basic posture and mindset as a pitcher. He also showed enthusiasm for demonstrating on the bullpen mound himself.

I wonder what kind of performance Kiwoom Jang Jae-young, who received Park Chan-ho’s special lecture that lasted about an hour, will show in the 2023 season.

▲ Park Chan-ho, who observed Jang Jae-young’s pitching in the bullpen, gives advice.

Meanwhile, Park Chan-ho plans to visit the national team spring camp in Tucson, Arizona as a WBC commentator.

[Former major leaguer Park Chan-ho, visiting Kiwoom spring camp, is hugging Jang Jae-young.

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