Czech team taking leave from work to participate in WBC “Baseball starts with 0-0”

In the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC), Korea is in Group B with Japan, Australia, China and the Czech Republic. Japan, Australia, and China are at least familiar, but ‘Czech baseball’ is very unfamiliar. This is the first time the Czech Republic has participated in the World Baseball Classic finals.

The Czech Republic suffered a cold loss to Spain 7-21 in the 7th inning in the first match of the preliminary round, but later defeated France (7-1) and Germany (8-4). When they met Spain again, they won 3-1 in a come-from-behind victory to secure their place in the finals. It was truly an ‘underdog’ rebellion. The Czech Republic is the 15th ranked team in the World Baseball Softball Federation rankings. From the lines confirmed by records, there has never been a major league player (Czech-born standard) since at least 1952.안전놀이터

According to 〈〉, etc., most of the Czech national team players have other jobs, and baseball is something they just love. Among the players of the Czech national team, there are firefighters and teachers. There are financial analysts, and there are real estate brokers. While making a living, they play in the Czech Amateur League.

At least the catcher, Martin Chervenka, played in Triple-A in the US Minor League, but now works as a salesperson in the Czech Republic. In an interview with <>, Chervenka said, “I wake up at 6:00 am every day, go to work by 7:00 and leave at 4:00 pm.” I train until 10:30 or 11:00.”

He continued, “Even in the office, I try swinging here and there from time to time.” Pitcher Martin Schneider, a firefighter, works 24 hours a day and then trains and plays games while taking 48 hours off. It is impossible without baseball passion. He is the ace of the national team that led the Czech Republic to the finals by pitching 6 innings and 1 run against Spain. “Sometimes we say that we are like (baseball) fanatics,” said Lucas Ercoli, a public relations officer at a media outlet. I have no income from baseball, but I love baseball so much that I would sacrifice my life.”

Pavel Hadim, coach of the Czech national team, is a neurologist. Having also played for the national team as a youngster, he personally taught most of his national team players. Contributing to the development of baseball in the Czech Republic, he said, “In the past, there were only about 2,500 baseball players in the Czech Republic, but now there are 10,000.” He continued, “While examining a 20-year-old man suffering from stroke hemiplegia at the hospital, I thought, ‘How sad would it be if a pitcher who hit a home run in baseball was sad? ” he said.

The World Baseball Classic final challenge for the Czech national team, which consists of those who are really crazy about baseball, begins on the 10th against China. From coaches to players, most of them came to Tokyo, Japan, on vacation from work. “Baseball starts 0-0,” Chervenka said. No one knows what will happen in the finals.”

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