Criticism towards Chelsea’s ‘160 billion run’…”I guess I forgot how to play soccer”

The criticism against Romelu Lukaku, who held the record for the highest transfer fee ever at Chelsea, continues.

Lukaku joined Chelsea from Inter Milan last season for a transfer fee of £97 million. However, he only scored 8 goals in 26 league appearances먹튀검증, and caused controversy during the season with an interview in which he said “I’m not happy at Chelsea. I want to return to Inter Milan someday”.

In the end, Lukaku, who was classified as an out-of-power player after one season after heading to Chelsea, was loaned to Inter Milan ahead of this season.

He returned to Inter Milan, which he wanted so much, but the situation did not improve. He missed most of the first half of the season due to an injury. He only managed to score 2 goals in the second half as well. He has scored only 3 goals in 16 league games, and has 5 goals and 1 assist in all competitions.

Even in his most recent match against Fiorentina, he started as a forward striker but remained silent. Amid Lukaku’s silence, Inter Milan lost 0-1. His dream of winning the league is getting farther and farther away.

As such, the local evaluation of Lukaku is not good. The British Daily Mail said on the 2nd (Korean time), “Lukaku’s return to Italy has completely failed,” and “If he returns to Chelsea after the season, Inter Milan will be free.”

“Lukaku seems to have forgotten how to play football at Inter Milan. He is weak and defenseless in every match. He has never satisfied the home fans.”

He also criticized, “His stamina has weakened and his reaction has not improved. Now Lukaku is just a shadow of the player Chelsea brought from Inter Milan for 160 billion won.”

He added, “Even in scoring opportunities, I slip at critical moments. It’s like playing soccer on a skating rink. I lost my determination and became too cautious.”

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