Coach Kim Seung-gi, who is about to make a fresh start for the second year in a row, says, “Basketball must continue to change”

For the second year in a row, we are approaching the founding ceremony, which is difficult for others to do even once. This is also the story of Goyang Sono coach Kim Seung-gi, who is about to make a new start. Nevertheless, Director Kim once again predicted ‘change’.

Coach Seung-gi Kim took the helm of Goyang Carrots (currently Goyang Sono) in 2022. However, the season was not smooth. The club’s parent company, Dayone Asset Management, suffered financial difficulties throughout the season, including delays in salaries. Nevertheless, Seung-gi Kim advanced to the semifinals of the playoffs and engaged in a fierce battle with Anyang Jeong Kwan-jang, receiving great applause from fans. The modifier ‘inspirational basketball’ was used.

Dayone was expelled from the board of directors in June for failing to resolve its financial shortcomings despite an ultimatum from the Korea Basketball League (KBL). The players and coach Kim Seung-gi lost their homes. If an acquisition company did not appear, it was in danger of being dismantled.
In the end, Sono International decided to take over the basketball team, allowing coach Seung-gi Kim and the team to continue playing basketball. Sono inherited coach Kim Seung-gi and the other coaching staff, and once again announced a new beginning for impressive basketball. Goyang Sono’s founding ceremony will be held at Sono Calm Goyang on the 20th.

Director Kim Seung-gi attended the founding ceremony for the second year in a row. Director Kim, who met with this magazine, smiled and said, “Everything is happy now.” Regarding the situation of holding another founding ceremony after a year, he said, “It is just a process to play the game,” but added, “I am also looking forward to it because it announces a new beginning.”

Coach Kim Seung-gi said it with a smile, but he also looked back on it as the biggest crisis of his career. He said, “I never took a break from my days as a player to my time as a coach. “There were crises in the middle, but looking back, this was the biggest crisis,” he said. “It wasn’t that we didn’t perform well. It wasn’t something the players couldn’t do. I wasn’t behind the trend, so it felt unfair (to quit). However, I think we overcame the crisis because Chairman Sono and the general manager trusted me and the players and left us in charge.”

At a press conference held last July after Sono was officially approved as the 10th KBL club, coach Kim Seung-gi said, “The goal is to advance to the championship game within three years.” He said, “To create a team that can win, many aspects such as reinforcing, nurturing, and adapting players must come together. I thought I could establish myself in the basketball I play in about 3 years. He emphasized, “I can say this with confidence because I said above that you will actively help me.”먹튀검증

Coach Kim Seung-gi, who is about to make a new start once again, repeatedly mentioned ‘basketball development’. He emphasized, “We need to make these players happy and create a situation where our fans can be happy through our basketball.” What Coach Kim is particularly proud of is the cheers of the Goyang fans. When the team was having a difficult time last season, Goyang fans encouraged the players by sending them gifts on several occasions. Even when the team was training before its official founding, he continued to visit the auxiliary stadium to cheer on them. Coach Kim said, “I felt the fans’ passion keenly. “We must repay on the court as much as the fans have shown us,” he said.

He asked whether a new concept was being created for the newly founded team. Coach Kim Seung-gi responded that last season’s ‘archery basketball’ will improve further. Last season, he showed off aggressive 3-point basketball with guards Jeon Seong-hyun and Lee Jeong-hyeon at the forefront.

Coach Kim Seung-gi said, “We need to shoot more 3-pointers, including the existing players as well as the new players Ji-hoo Kim, Min-wook Kim, and Josh Toralba. (The shooting distance) will be more than 1m further away,” he said with a laugh. In particular, he expressed his wish for Kim Ji-hoo, saying, “I wish he would throw about 26.” He laughed and said, “Shouldn’t you throw it once it crosses the half-line?”

Coach Seung-gi Kim continued, “The global basketball trend is not ground attack or defensive play. “I call our basketball ‘block basketball,’ and if we do it in an organized way, it’s difficult for the opponent to stop us,” he said. “We must aim to play basketball that fans like.” “I believe in the players, but wouldn’t highlights come only when they make quick 3-point shots or make adventurous defenses?” he asked.

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