Choi Won-il and Lee Jae-myung, “Cheonan, a North Korean atrocity, right?”

Former Cheonan captain Choi Won-il (pictured) protested at the Memorial Day memorial service on June 6, asking Democratic Party of Korea leader Lee Jae-myung, “Yesterday, Chief Spokesman (Kwon Chil-seung) said I killed my men, but (the killing of the Cheonan sailors) was a North Korean atrocity, right?” Lee reportedly did not answer. The previous day (May 5)먹튀검증, Kwon claimed that Choi, who is calling for the dismissal of Lee Hae-kyung, the honorary chairman of the Other Hundred Years Foundation, as chairman of the Innovation Committee, was “talking in a stranger’s language. It’s ridiculous that he killed all his men.”

After the memorial service, Choi sent a message to the Dong-A Ilbo, saying, “I protested to Lee and asked for an interview with him.” “The chief spokesperson is the one who represents the party leader and the party’s position, so is the remark (the day before) the position of the leader and the party?” Choi also asked Lee and Park Kwang-woon, the party’s leader, and gave them his business card, saying, “Please contact me as soon as possible when the position is clarified.” Lee did not respond. In response, Lee only nodded, and Park said, “I see,” according to Choi.

In a phone call with The Korea Times, Choi said he asked Lee to “arrange a meeting with the families of the Cheonan victims,” to which Lee “said, ‘Okay,'” Choi said. “We will wait for the answer from Mr. Lee and others,” he added.

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