Camping at the waterside park and eating food.

There are still quite a few campers who go camping to enjoy nature and return after ruining it.

There are many cases where you set up a tent for free in a place that is not a formal camping site, light a fire all night, and go without taking out the trash.

Reporter Lee Seon-young covered the scene where the campers were struggling.

◀ Report ▶

A waterside park in Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do.

Tents are lined up along the Nakdonggang River먹튀검증.

When night falls, fires are lit in braziers and food is grilled.

[Tent owner]
“If you look at Naver here, there’s free camping. How many times do I have to search?”

There are also dozens of so-called long tents where tents are set up and left for a long time.

“anybody home?”

[Tent owner]
“Big tents come with children, so on Saturdays and Sundays, it takes half a day to set up and set up these big tents…” The

problem starts next.

Burnt firewood is left where the campers have returned, and rubbish is scattered.

[Environmental Beautification Officer]
“There are places where food waste was thrown away after digging up the ground.”

The field, which was originally full of grass and flowers, turned into a wasteland where the grass no longer grows as tents were set up several times.

The riverside in Miryang is in a similar situation.

Tents were always set up in places with good views.

As night falls, campers often build large bonfires, which are a high fire hazard.

[Tent owner] “The location is right near the river, and it rained a lot the other day ( last
1st). In this situation, the risk of fire is not so low…”

Three fires broke out, burning 3,400 square meters.

[Kim Hyeong-soo/Uichang Fire Department Fire Investigation Team]
“They say they lit a can. A camper”

The situation is like this, but the crackdown is not reaching.

[Miryang city official]
“Even if guidance is given, there are no legal provisions to punish it. Right now, I can’t designate a river like that.”

It seems that efforts by the authorities are needed to prevent damage caused by Yamche camping.

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