Beware of These Common Holiday Illnesses

According to the Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) of the American Society for the Protection and care of Animals (ASPCA), the holidays are often exceptionally busy. They receive numerous emergency calls to help poisoned pets. 토토사이트

But your pets are not just in danger of being poisoned, hazards like blockage of the GI tract, contact with harmful plants, stomach ailments, and anxiety-triggered IBS also surge during the season.

You are not helpless. You can learn about the most common hazards and take steps to prevent them. Below are some of the most common holiday illnesses that affect pets and what you can do about them.

Stomach Upset
Upset stomachs are perhaps the most common illnesses that pets experience during the holiday season. During this time of the year, your home gets more visitors, meaning your dog could get plenty of table scraps to eat. Friendly dogs that don’t know how to turn down an offer for table scraps could develop various stomach ailments. They also risk being poisoned.

Human food often contains high carbohydrate content and in some cases, components like yeast. If your pup is enjoying the scraps, they will likely experience abnormal gas as an early sign. Although there are various ways to give your puppy gas relief, you should ideally stop it from taking table scraps because a worse thing could happen. Alternatively, train your dog to eat only from its bowl.

Anxiety-Triggered IBS

If you plan to take off for a few days during the holiday season, your furry buddy may get IBS. Your dog could respond to your absence by toileting or vomiting unusually and in undesignated spots – separation anxiety.

Unfortunately, separation anxiety does not have a quick-fix solution. But you can start with simple and fun mental remedies like regular exercise and socializing.

Poisoning by Chocolate and Other (Human) Foodstuffs
Chocolate is by far the most common toxin ingested by dogs during the holiday season. Chocolate poisoning stems from behaviors we have already mentioned the point above – consuming table scraps.

Chocolate contains theobromine. It is a stimulant that resembles caffeine and is toxic to dogs. Theobromine is so toxic that if a dog ingests small quantities, it can trigger reactions like vomiting and diarrhea. Higher doses of the substance can cause more complications. So, keep your dog away from gift boxes, chocolate chip cookies, and anything that may contain chocolate.

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