Basic principles of roll lecture

Whether charging into enemy lines or assisting your teammates, Summoner’s Rift has a variety of roles.

It’s good to learn from the basics. My little brother at home wants to play a role, so I watch it with him, and he really likes it.

There are various jungle monsters in each location in the jungle. Some of them have special effects.

In other words, it can be said that it is a service in which a certified driver with the highest rank in all lines accesses the account of the customer who requested LoL Duo and raises the tier.

Usually at the beginning of the game or at lower tiers, there are cases where objects do not have relative vision.

If you have any additional questions after the lecture, please feel free to ask!


In addition, if there is a loss or demotion caused by the driver’s mistake among the roll duo, we will manage it through service progress after restoration unconditionally, and we will hold various events in addition to that, so if there are people who need a roll duo, please come to us. I hope you will.

If you have any additional questions after the lecture, please feel free to ask!

 ID later, so please enter it carefully. Links to blogs/posts/moments shared before the change may be disconnected.

I have a feeling that there may be many differences of opinion on this matter.

In addition to this, we have various types of services that can increase the tier except for the current LoL Duo.

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Our part-time lectures are lectures where the customer and the lecturer match together.

Conversely, take a champion like Hecarim as an example. Hecarim is also classified as a fairly fast jungler champion, but when he eats toads, red blues, and rock crabs, he shows a difference in jungles compared to other jungle camps.

A champion who sees an opportunity to take down enemies in the blink of an eye. They are generally highly mobile and target one target. They are mainly targeted by marksmen or wizards.

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