Bae Chan-seung, who collapsed during the youth competition, luckily there is no major problem.

An unprecedented event in history occurred at the World Youth Championships.

On the 8th, while the Korean national team was warming up ahead of the Super Round match against the United States, one player suddenly collapsed and lost consciousness.

As a result of verification, it was determined that the player in question was Bae Chan-seung (2nd year at Daegu High School), the youngest member of the national team.

In a phone call with MHN Sports that continued late at night, national team coach Lee Young-bok said, “(Bae) Chan-seung gave his all in the game against Japan. Even though he lost, his pitch was really great. However, in a double header situation, Puerto He delivered the unfortunate news, saying, “It must have been quite difficult for a young sophomore, having been on standby since the Ricoh game and then becoming a starter in the Japan game.”

Bae Chan-seung was warming up as usual before the game against the United States. However, he suddenly collapsed and lost consciousness. Fortunately, the national team trainer and coach, as well as the U.S. team trainer, quickly performed CPR and he was able to immediately regain consciousness. After regaining consciousness, he was immediately taken to a nearby hospital.메이저사이트

As a result of the examination, fortunately, it was confirmed that there were no major abnormalities. Coach Lee Young-bok also explained the local situation, saying, “No major abnormalities were found with (Bae) Chan-seung, so he has joined the current players in the dormitory.” As reported by Taiwan’s Central News Agency, which first heard the news, it is true that he collapsed due to fatigue or the effects of the weather.

It is said that the third graders also breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing the news that their youngest child was safe.

In the end, WBSC’s inexperienced competition management and neglect of the players by focusing only on the schedule led to this disaster.

The national team is preparing for the final match of the Super Round against the Netherlands on the afternoon of the 9th.

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