‘Arrival in Istanbul with a smile’ Yasmin “Rehabilitation speed is fast and smooth”

Yasmin Bedart (USA) arrived in Turkey, Istanbul, where the 2023 KOVO (Korean Volleyball Federation) women’s tryout will be held.

Yasmin arrived at Istanbul International Airport (IST) at 7:00 pm on the 10th, the day before the tryout, moved to a hotel, and went to rest. Yasmin, whom I met at the lobby, was tired from the long flight and land trip, but she had a smile on her face.

He was in a situation where he felt much more alive than when he left the country through Incheon International Airport on March 10th. At the time, it was a situation where it was possible to recover to the extent that daily life was possible after back surgery먹튀검증, but now it was a situation where it could be seen that full-scale rehabilitation was proceeding smoothly. He could feel a sense of alienation from the appearance of Yasmin, whom he met after two months.

Yasmin said, “I am undergoing rehabilitation. The rehabilitation process is smooth and the rehabilitation speed is fast. I think I will be able to hit the ball in earnest in the summer season. I expect a normal physical condition in the fall season.” He was in the process of building muscle. The athletic ability his body remembers was also awakening.

Yasmin, who even enclosed a doctor’s note, said, “The inflammation has been resolved, and the stability of the injured area is in good condition.” In his opinion, it was also added that a complete return to professional volleyball players is possible if the flexibility of the lumbar region is strengthened through exercise. If he continues his level of rehabilitation smoothly as he is now, he will be able to return to the old Yasmine in the fall.

However, Yasmin is not going to overdo it at this stage. At the tryout starting on the 11th, Yasmin will attend, but it seems that he will stay on the bench, not the normal stage of hitting the ball.

Practice matches will be held in the morning for three days from the 11th. A physical examination follows in the afternoon of the 11th, followed by a meeting with the directors on the 12th. The draft will be held on the afternoon of the 13th. Yasmin’s next season’s destination is also decided at this time.

Currently, among the players who have applied for tryouts in Istanbul, several players with good skills such as Sheridan Atkinson (USA), Vanja Savic (Serbia), Andre Sorokaite (Italy/Lithuania), and Helen Russo (Belgium) are expected to not attend. Yasmin The possibility of returning to the V-League is increasing.

If the clubs check Yasmin’s current movement and other conditions with their own eyes, doubts about the nomination will also subside.

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