Arrested in 60s for beating and abusing elderly people living alone for more than 10 years

Gyeonggi Yangpyeong Police Station announced on the 22nd that it had arrested A (65) on charges of elder abuse, refusal to move out, and injury먹튀검증.

Mr. A has been living in the house of Mr. B, a woman in her 80s living in Yangpyeong-gun, for over 10 years.

The police estimate that Mr. A was involved in her house repair business while doing public work about 10 years ago, and she got to know Mr. B and made her the target of the crime.

In 2016, it was found that she pretended to be Mr. B’s nephew and even reported moving into her house as Mr. B. It is said that the landlord’s consent is required to report moving in, but Mr. B did not agree to this.

If Mr. A steals her seal, etc. from Mr. B and creates false documents for her, she is charged with violating the Resident Registration Act. However, the statute of limitations of the Resident Registration Act is three years, so it does not apply to Mr. A.

was found to be

Pretending to be her nephew, she reported her move-in, but Mr. A claimed externally that he was in a common-law relationship with Mr. B. It is said that she did not think much of her neighbors because she had lived in the same house for a long time.

Mr. A’s unscrupulous behavior was confirmed when Mr. B visited her nearby police box in March and said, “I was assaulted. “Please sell her house and send me to a nursing home,” she declared, revealing herself. At the time of her report, Mr. B had three of her ribs broken.

The police judged that her case was serious, and after taking measures to separate her Mr. B in the name of her treatment, etc., they have been investigating her Mr. A. She then found out that Mr. A had lived in Mr. B’s house without permission and abused her Mr. B, and applied for a prior arrest warrant for her.

A police official said, “Mr. A claims to be in a common-law relationship with Mr. B and denies most of the charges.”

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