Another Incheon charter scam victim found dead…4th in three months

The first news today (April 24) is about the victims of the charter scam스포츠토토. Another victim in Incheon was found dead, and a suicide note has been released. This is the fourth victim in three months. Two days ago, the ruling and opposition parties agreed and announced measures for victims.

First up, reporter Cho So-hee.


In front of my apartment building, there’s a banner asking for measures against charter fraud.

This morning, a male aunt in her 40s was found dead in a car parked in front of this banner.

[Police: The cause of death, I can’t say how, but there is no suspicion of foul play].

A handwritten suicide note was also found.

Lee had visited a support center for victims of charter fraud last month.

[Incheon City Hall official: He only went for legal advice, and it was confirmed that the rental deposit was contracted at 62 million won].

The apartment she signed a lease for five years ago went to auction.

If I won the auction, I couldn’t get the 35 million won deposit.

The landlord of the apartment is Nam Mo, who was detained for running a large-scale rental fraud in the Michuhol-gu area of Incheon.

Eighty percent of the residents of the 140-unit apartment building where Mr. Lee lived were similarly affected.

[Apartment resident: I hope (the government) will take care of it. I heard there was a public hearing with lawmakers or something…]

In total, four people have taken their own lives in the past three months after being scammed into renting by Mr. Nam.

The victims have complained of extreme financial hardship.

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