After sleeping, a new person, this time a Spanish legend… “Just ask Kane”

 A new figure has appeared in Tottenham, whose trademark is the ‘going forward’.

This time it is the foot of ‘Telegraf’ in the Netherlands. ‘Telegraf’ reported on the 3rd (Korean time) that ‘Xabi Alonso, Bayer Leverkusen coach, has risen to the top of Tottenham’s next command tower’.

Coach Alonso, who led Spain’s Real Sociedad B until last season, took the helm of Leverkusen in October of last year. He took Leverkusen, who had been struggling at the beginning of the season, to 6th place. He also led the way to the semifinals of the Europa League. ‘Telegraaf’ emphasized that ‘Tottenham prefer Alonso over Arne Slot Feyenoord’.

Alonso is a Spanish legend먹튀검증. He played 114 matches for the Spanish national team. He made his professional debut at Real Sociedad, then played for Liverpool, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich.

It’s embarrassing to be from Liverpool, but looking at his resume, he’s a good candidate for Tottenham’s next head coach. However, director Alonso is also one of the ‘seol’ that is rampant.

For Tottenham’s next head coach, Julian Nagelsmann, former Bayern Munich coach, Luis Enrique, former Spain national team coach, and Vincent Kompany, Burnley coach, were all on the list.

The story that Nagelsmann is influential is gaining persuasiveness, but there is also an analysis that the negotiation process with Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy is not smooth. Nagelsmann, born in 1987, is a year younger than current captain Hugo Lloris, born in 1986. Son Heung-min, born in 1992,

Is it because of this? It is known that coach Nagelsmann is demanding complete control over player transfers. This is a part that is not easy for President Levy to accept.

In the midst of this, ‘Football Insider’ reported that President Levy plans to appoint a manager who can persuade Kane to stay. Kane’s contract with Tottenham ends in June next year.

I have to decide where to go in one way or another this summer. Kane is holding the key to the new command tower. Chairman Levy is said to be speeding up the appointment of the next coach in order to reorganize the chaotic situation in which the team has lost four games in a row (one draw and three losses).

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