A young Korean BJ who died in Cambodia… “Birthday news on your birthday” condolences

The Korean woman found dead in Cambodia is known to be the famous BJ Ah-young (real name Byun Ah -young · 33 ).

According to local reports on the 12th, on the 6th, the body of a Korean woman was found wrapped in red cloth and dumped in a puddle in a village in Kandal Province, near Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. Initially, this woman was only known as an internet broadcaster who was traveling in Cambodia, but local media reported that the victim was Byeon Ah-yeong, a 33-year-old Korean woman.

She was a famous BJ and influencer with 160,000 African TV subscribers and 250,000 Instagram followers . He posted on Instagram in March, “ BJ has been liquidated. For the time being, she intends to live as a normal person. After posting a post saying, “I will live a new life for Ayoung, a common person, I will live hard.” Byun’s SNS

There is a series of condolences from acquaintances and fans. It is known that the last 11th was Byun’s birthday, adding to the sadness스포츠토토. An acquaintance left a comment the day before, saying, “Happy birthday Ayoung unnie. This year, I only send KakaoTalk without an answer. You don’t know how much she cried when she clicked on the article after seeing the stone letter with her sister’s last name, which is rare.

Meanwhile, Cambodian police arrested a Chinese couple in their 30s on charges of abandoning the body. They told the police that Mr. Byun, who visited their hospital on the 4th, had a sudden seizure and died while being treated. They are said to have abandoned Mr. Byun’s body after moving it in a car.

According to local sources, Mr. Byun arrived in Cambodia on the 2nd of this month and died two days later after receiving an injection of fluid or serum at the hospital.

A Korean who requested anonymity told Yonhap News, “According to the local media and embassies, it seems that Mr. Byun was not killed. However, there are rumors that he was found with a severely swollen face and was assaulted.” told He added, “I heard that there is a companion who entered Cambodia with him, and the embassy is contacting him to find out the truth.”

It is known that Byun’s bereaved family arrived in Cambodia on the 11th. An official from the Korean Embassy in Cambodia said, “We plan to provide as much consular assistance as possible to the bereaved family for funeral procedures, etc.”It is known that there are many unlicensed hospitals in Cambodia, so special attention is required. Seo Se-won, a famous broadcaster who had previously lived in Cambodia, also died at the age of 67 on April 20 while receiving an intravenous drip at a Korean hospital in Phnom Penh.

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