A public institution that bought 10.7 billion won even after knowing ‘piercing body armor’

The Board of Audit and Inspection pointed out that the Defense Acquisition Program Administration paid more than 10.7 billion won to purchase 50,000 bulletproof vests with poor performance.

According to the Audit and Inspection Board’s audit report on the “actuality of improving military service conditions” released on the 18th, the Defense Acquisition Program Administration signed a contract to purchase a total of 56,280 body armor from military company A in December 2021. It was a contract worth a total of 10.778 billion won.

Company A made the bulletproof vest with a total of 50 layers of bulletproof material. However, 56 layers of bulletproof material were sewn only on the top and bottom left and right sides, which measure the rear deformation.

During the shooting test, bulletproof material was added only to specific areas where bullets passed through, so that bulletproof performance was not applied evenly, and the body armor was manufactured to pass the test.

The amount of deformation occurring on the inside of the body armor is the amount of deformation on the rear side. It is also a measure to test the ability to prevent organ damage such as intestinal rupture when hit by bullets. If the rear surface deformation exceeds the allowable standard, the probability of death also increases.

The Board of Audit and Inspection pointed out that the Defense Technology Promotion Research Institute (Kukkiyeon), which is in charge of quality assurance, approved company A to manufacture the body armor even though it was aware of the fact that the bulletproof material was added.

In addition, he added that Kukkiyeon did not inform the test institute of the ‘padded body armor’. The test institute fired at the padded part as prescribed and determined that the bulletproof performance standard was met.

Kukkiyeon even received a complaint that company A manipulated the performance three months after production approval, and judged that the bulletproof performance was met. This is because the shooting position was adjusted by the border of the patched area except for the central area.

The Board of Audit and Inspection conducted a separate test during the audit period, including the parts that were not padded. As a result, it said that some body카지노사이트 armor did not meet the performance required by the military.

The Board of Audit and Inspection notified the head of the Defense Acquisition Program Administration, “Take measures such as alternative supply of underperforming bulletproof vests, and take appropriate measures such as restricting qualifications for participating in the bidding for Company A.”

In addition, it demanded that Director Ki-yeon Kuk be held accountable for the two people involved who unfairly handled related tasks, such as ensuring the quality of bulletproof vests with poor bulletproof performance.

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