A grand sports festival of national unity and emotion in ‘Jeonnam, the land of life’

In October, the ‘104th National Sports Festival’ and the ’43rd National Sports Festival for the Disabled’, a grand sports festival of harmony and emotion, will be held in Jeollanam-do, the land of life. It has been 15 years since 2008. The 104th National Sports Festival will be held from October 13 to 19, with 49 sports distributed across 22 cities and counties and 70 stadiums, centered around Mokpo. The 43rd National Sports Festival for the Disabled consisted of 31 events in 12 cities and counties and 38 stadiums from November 3 to 8. Jeollanam-do’s goal is to use this as an opportunity to ‘leap higher and bigger’ into the world through a stage to widely publicize its excellent historical and cultural resources, global competitiveness and potential.

■’Mokpo Stadium’ boasts the best facilities in the country = Jeonnam Province has completed the construction and remodeling of ’80 stadiums’ where the athletes can show off their honed skills. In particular, Mokpo Stadium, which will be used as the main stadium, is raising expectations as it boasts the best facilities in the country, including a 9-lane track and field track. In addition, to ensure a safe sports festival for everyone, we are making every effort to prepare by organizing a special inspection team for stadium facilities with the participation of the Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency and the Korea Electrical Safety Corporation to conduct intensive on-site inspections. .

◇National Sports Festival promotional center operating near Gwanghwamun, Seoul.

Under the theme of ‘Into the sound of life,’ the image of Jeollanam-do, from ancient Jeonnam to the center of future industries, will be expressed in the form of ‘musicals’ and ‘madangnori’ using a cutting-edge stage system combined with media. In particular, in order to make this year’s National Sports Festival a cultural festival that combines Jeonnam’s nature, culture, arts, and tourism, we are preparing various and rich cultural events to promote Jeonnam’s charm of satisfying the five senses throughout the festival period. In September, the public program ‘KBS Open Concert’ will be held in Mokpo, a special cultural performance will be held the day before the opening ceremony, and city and county local festivals and cultural and artistic events will be held continuously during the sports festival.

◇Gwangyang Seonghwang Sports Center swimming pool.

With the transition to the coronavirus pandemic this year, it is expected that more than 40,000 people, including domestic athletes, executives, and overseas compatriots, will visit Jeonnam in large numbers. In order for visitors to remember Jeonnam as a place they want to visit again, it is important to provide sincere hospitality at lodging and restaurants. To this end, South Jeolla Province is promoting administrative guidance and campaigns to eradicate illegal practices such as refusing advance lodging reservations and to ensure compliance with posted lodging rates. For the first time in the history of the National Sports Festival in over 100 years, the plan is to collaborate with an online accommodation reservation platform (‘Here’s How’) to provide reasonable prices and a transparent accommodation reservation system to visitors to Jeollanam-do. In order to provide a deep impression of Namdo food, which is considered the most Korean taste, we will focus on restaurant hygiene and friendly service.소닉카지노

◇Mascot life is the best.

A total of 4,256 volunteers were recruited, exceeding the goal by 136%, and the provincial cheering squad recruited 15,571 people, far exceeding the original goal of 13,400, confirming the enthusiasm for participation in the National Sports Festival. The selected volunteers and citizen cheering squad will play a key role in the successful hosting of the National Sports Festival by becoming the hands and feet of players and spectators throughout the stadium and raising the morale of participating athletes through enthusiastic cheering within the stadium.

Jeollanam-do Governor Kim Young-rok said, “As the National Sports Festival is a sports festival that not only the residents of the province but the entire nation eagerly awaits, we will prepare well from the opening ceremony to make it an emotional sports event comparable to the Olympics.” “We will make it a ‘Fashion Festival of Great Harmony,’ ‘A Sports Festival of Great Integration,’ and a ‘Culture and Tourism Festival’ that will promote Jeollanam-do’s excellent cultural and tourism resources to the world,” he said.

As we enter the 8th popularly elected ‘regional era, era of great transformation’, the world’s attention and attention is focused on Jeonnam, ‘the land of opportunity and hope, the land of the future’, which is taking a great leap forward into the world through the successful hosting of the National Sports Festival.

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