7 innings perfect march, collapsed when the catcher ran… “I wanted to dig a hole and hide”

Drew Smiley of the Chicago Cubs continued his perfect game, but it was canceled due to interference (?) by the ‘friendly’ catcher. 

Smiley started the game against the Los Angeles Dodgers held at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois, USA on the 22nd (hereinafter Korean time) and played a counterattack with 1 hit and 10 strikeouts in 7⅔ innings. The Cubs won 13-0 thanks to Smiley’s perfect pitch and four home runs by Cody Bellinger, Trey Mancini, Patrick Wisdom, and Nico Hörner.

Wrigley Field was agitated by Smiley’s perfect pitching procession. However, in an instant, and an unfortunate clash with a colleague, the perfect game march was shattered. Smiley, who had been throwing perfect pitches until the 7th inning먹튀검증, faced leadoff hitter David Peralta in the 8th. On the first strike, he threw a knuckle curve on the second pitch, and Peralta touched it.

It rolled slowly onto the third base foul line. Smiley was able to quickly run over and deal with it. However, catcher Yan Gomes, who was also chasing the ball, collided with Smiley as he could not control the momentum of the run. It seemed to ride on Smiley’s back. It was a drawing that seemed to be interrupted by an ally. In the end, an infield hit was made, and Smiley had no choice but to look depressed after the collision.

However, after allowing a collapsed infield hit, Smiley struck out Miguel Vargas at third base and struck out James Outman before going down the mound. 103 pitches. In fact, even when Peralta got an infield hit, the number of pitches was 94. The ball that allowed an infield hit also rolled slowly and had a high hit rate. The chances of a perfect game were not very high. Even so, it was true that it was deeply regrettable.

Catcher Gomes appeared dressed as a football player during an interview with local reporters after the game. He seemed intent on making his clash with Smiley look hilarious. Still, he did not hide his regret. “I wanted to dig a hole and hide,” he said. “Both Smiley and I wanted to handle the batted ball. He hit the ball before me and I wasn’t as fast as I used to be. So I got on his back. A great scene came out,” he said shyly.

But Smiley didn’t care. “It was hard to get that ball out,” he said. He threw a curveball that was almost perfect. But he barely hit it and it didn’t flow out as a foul,” he said, explaining the situation in which the perfect game failed, saying, “I know that Jan (Gomes) also wanted that ball out.” He emphasized that it was not Gomes’ fault.

Cubs coach David Ross also said, “It was a tough play. Jan has excelled. It was a matter of life or death, he grabbed his batted ball and turned to throw it hard. I think Drew followed really well. Peralta is a decent runner. It was a tough play,” he said. “Smiley made weak hits all the time. Possibly making the weakest ball means that the pitching was appropriate that day,” he praised Smiley’s pitching itself.

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