(43-1) Catching Bird’s Tail Up Block-Right (Right)

The most important points in Taichi, besides Danjeon, are the so-called ‘keep the body upright so that the mind penetrates the top of the head’ and ‘relax the neck and straighten the head’. ‘You have to keep your body straight so that your mind penetrates the top of your head’ refers to the tailbone and the top of your head, and스포츠토토 ‘relax your neck and straighten your head’ means to get rid of distracting thoughts and clear your mind. It refers to jade acupuncture points. These two words are also important keys to keep your health. (43-1) Catch Bird’s Tail Up Block – Right (Right)

※ View photo from left to right

  1. While turning the waist to the left, move the right heel slightly forward to the right, and at the same time pull the left hand in front of the left armpit, and turn the right hand in front of the left hip joint to form a shape as if holding a large ball with both hands.
  2. At the same time as the tip of the right foot is put down, the right hand is lifted up, and the left hand raises the wrist to form a misu.
  3. Turn your waist toward the front and move your center to your right foot, while raising your right hand so that your thumb is at shoulder height. The left hand also runs along his waist, between his chest and right hand, with the right palm facing each other.

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