‘3.76 Second Bae Ji-hwan’ is the lead in the PIT track and field team… “Do you think it will work? Then I steal”

From what I see, (to steal) do you think you’ll succeed? Then I steal (the next base).”

Great confidence comes from exceptional talent. How many people would have imagined that Bae Ji-hwan (24) would be the star of the Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Pirates’ track and field team this year? Pittsburgh coach Derek Shelton expressed his desire to keep Bae Ji-hwan’s fast feet alive while preparing for this season, and this idea at the beginning of the season worked perfectly. Pittsburgh is leading the central division of the National League with a 20-8 win rate of 0.714, driven by baseball led by stormtrooper Bae Ji-hwan.

Bae Ji-hwan boasts top-notch power in the major leagues. According to Statcast, his sprint speed of 29.5 mph ranks in the top 2% in the major leagues. And he covers the base-to-base distance of 90 feet (27.4 m) in just 3.76 seconds.

Bae Ji-hwan ranks fourth in the major leagues with 10 stolen bases for the season. 1st place Ronald Acuna (Atlanta, 13 stolen bases) is 3 gap. Pittsburgh ranks first in the major leagues with 39 team steals this season, and Bae Ji-hwan accounts for almost 25% of them, which is very large.

Pittsburgh local media ‘Trip Live’ said on the 30th (Korean time), ‘When Bae Ji-hwan was asked the secret to stealing bases, his eyes twinkled and he smiled widely. The Pittsburgh rookie is greenlit every time he gets on base. The 23-year-old Korean Daedo doesn’t hesitate to steal the bass,’ he noted.

Bae Ji-hwan said in an interview with the media먹튀검증, “If I think I can succeed, I steal the base. In the big leagues, I think going an extra 90 feet to score is a big deal.”

The media said, ‘Bae Ji-hwan’s aggressive attitude in base running became the stepping stone for Pittsburgh to rise to first place in the major leagues in stolen bases. It’s one of the reasons Pittsburgh won the most wins in the National League.”

Pittsburgh outfielder Brian Reynolds said, “I think Bae Ji-hwan led the atmosphere like this. When Bae goes on first base, he’ll steal second base straight away, and eventually he’ll try to steal third base. We’re all trying to do that. It’s really fun to watch them play in the dugout. It’s fun to watch on TV. They’re a really dynamic and athletic team.”

The media said, ‘It can be seen that Pittsburgh has adapted well to the major league rules that have changed this year. This year, with a slightly larger base, the base-to-base distance is about 6 inches shorter. In addition, with the first base check limited to two times and the introduction of the pitch clock, pitchers have become more focused on battling the batter,’ he explained. It goes without saying that the fewer the checks, the easier it is for runners to run.

“Our game plan is always to go one base further by doing everything we can, whether it’s a wild throw, a stolen base, or a tag-up on a fly ball,” Pittsburgh first bases coach Taric Brock said. I am encouraging him to be tough while having athletic ability.”

Bae Ji-hwan, the head of the assault squad, sits with Coach Brock every day and watches the opponent’s starting pitcher’s video to learn his habits. Coach Brock said, “Bae Ji-hwan knows everything I see. At that moment, I want to know everything he discovers. When I tell Bae Ji-hwan, ‘This is what we were looking for’, he sees the scene and confirms it. Then he runs. “he explained.

Thanks to Bae Ji-hwan’s on-base, the number of hitters in the at bat becomes easier. Reynolds said, “If there is a player like Bae Ji-hwan who can steal the base at a certain point, the pitcher will be reluctant to throw a ball that can produce a wide pitch such as a slider or curveball. Then the pitcher will throw more fastballs, and all hitters will “It’s an advantage because I want to hit a fastball. If our lineup is full of players like Bae Ji-hwan who can harass a pitcher, of course it helps to improve offense.”

Bae Ji-hwan’s foot had a great influence on the entire Pittsburgh team. A total of 14 players in Pittsburgh have stolen bases at least once this year. Even 37-year-old first baseman Carlos Santana this year also managed to steal twice. Bae Ji-hwan was constantly mentioned as the secret to Pittsburgh’s lead in the early stages of this season.

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