‘2 consecutive wins + last place exit’ Samsung Lions… Others recover, worry about the back door

The Samsung Lions, who won two days in a row based on the strength of the active batting line, succeeded in escaping from the bottom with their 4th win of the season, raising their ranking to 8th place.

In the first match of the season against the Lotte Giants held at Daegu Samsung Lions Park on the evening of April 14먹튀검증, Lee Jae-hyeon’s first big home run, 3 hits in 5 at-bats, and 3 RBIs, came out of the situation where Samsung was trailing 0-2. With Koo Ja-wook and Oh Jae-il leading the way, they won 9-7.

Starter Buchanan recorded 7 hits and 5 runs (3 earned runs) in 7 innings, becoming the first Samsung pitcher to even record a starting win this season. It made me look forward to performance.

Buchanan, who became the main character of the team’s first starting win of the season, mentioned with regret that he had not been able to cleanly block the innings and that he had not been responsible until the 8th inning with efficient pitching, and promised to deliver a better performance in the next game after a late first win. 

Samsung, who won by scoring 11 points the day before, showed a recovery of the batting line, which showed sluggishness in the early stages of the league, along with multi-scoring games for two days in a row, adding to expectations for the season ahead.

Lee Jae-hyun, who recorded a home run for the first time this season and not last year, said that he was more happy about the team’s turnaround than the meaning of the home run, and said that the focus on timing training was effective.

On the other hand, on the mound, Woo Kyu-min and Oh Seung-hwan, whom they trusted, allowed runs, raising concerns about the back door that should be responsible for the second half of the game on the mound. 

Oh Seung-hwan, who appeared in both games during the winning streak, recorded 1 win and 1 save, but allowed runs in each game, and in particular, Samsung’s worries deepened as they allowed opponent hitters to hit several times. I scored big points based on the batting line, but coach Park Jin-man, who won two days in a row in a game with a sense of crisis at the end of the game, said, “It was a tight game for two days in a row, but I think

I can ride a good flow with today’s victory.”  I expressed my determination to do so.

Samsung, who succeeded in escaping from the bottom with two consecutive wins, challenges Lotte in the remaining two consecutive games while worrying about bullpen operation amidst the recovery of the starters and batting line.

The atmosphere is rising and Samsung, which is expecting three consecutive wins, announces Suarez as the starter for the match on the 15th, and Na Gyun-an, who showed a good appearance in the last appearance, for the opponent Lotte as the starter.

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