“1,500,000 won → 1,500,000 won, does that make sense?” The ‘iPhone’ that was cheaply sold…is a clone

Reporter Park Young-hoon] “It’s exactly the same, isn’t it?”

It looks exactly like an iPhone. Chinese companies are copying the iPhone. They are releasing one product after another that is exactly the same. They are so identical that they are almost like ‘iPhone clones’. They look like ‘real iPhones’ by copying the exterior design. They cost a tenth of the price of a real iPhone, which can cost up to 1.5 million won.

According to the industry, iPhone knockoffs are flooding into China. Chinese smartphone maker koobee is selling the “X60 Pro” product, which is a copy of the iPhone 13 Pro model, on its local online store. The phone looks almost identical to the iPhone, with only the Apple logo missing.

Not only the front, but also the rear triple camera arrangement is identical to the iPhone. The three cameras are arranged in a triangular shape inside a square camera island. It looks just like an iPhone, but costs only about 150,000 won ($150).

A Chinese smartphone that is indistinguishable from an iPhone, the koobee X60 Pro [Weibo].

Real iPhone 13 [Apple]

Chinese smartphone maker LeTV has also been copying the iPhone every time it comes out먹튀검증.

Following the iPhone 13, the company also introduced the LeTV S1 Pro, which copied the iPhone 14 Pro model. The design is so identical that even the industry is surprised. Even local Chinese media criticized the design as “too similar to the iPhone” and called it “an unquestionable clone”.

Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro (left) and China’s LeTV S1 Pro (right). [Image captured by each company].

China’s LeTV S1 Pro looks exactly like the iPhone 14 Pro, but costs only $180,000 in Chinese currency. The iPhone 14 Pro starts at $1,500 in South Korea.

“The design is so similar and the price is so low that some consumers may be unknowingly buying it,” said Apple specialist MacRumors.

MacRumors urges caution, saying, “iPhones sold very cheaply online are likely to be copies.”

Experts say these clones can be dangerous, not only in terms of performance, but also in terms of safety. Not only do they look the same, but there is a huge difference in performance, and they are more prone to malfunctions due to the use of cheap components, which can lead to accidents such as battery explosions.

The problem of product copying in China is not new, but it has not been eradicated and has recently become more widespread, especially among popular products.

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